@CNN And CNN can't understand why they're called fake news... 0 0

@realDailyWire I thought she was talking about abortion... 5 1

@hale_razor Law enforcement is not proactive. They are reactive. They only respond to crimes they don't prevent the… https://t.co/oZO0N1TihK 0 0

@MattWalshBlog When you're an Entertainer and you make political statements you alienate half of your fans. The ex… https://t.co/GD4ONgnm6P 7 0

@thehill CNN, you mean the network that is cooing over North Korea? 0 0

@seldaek Priceless 0 0

@realDailyWire They do you idiot. What's missing is the news coverage and rioting. 0 0

@elizabethforma @realDonaldTrump @NCAI1944 Actually he's comparing you to the fake Pocahontas. 0 0

@CNN @CillizzaCNN Counterfeit News Network 1 0

@MattWalshBlog I heard white poeple aren't allowed to see the movie. 0 0