@andrewklavan @Twitter @facebook Just as long as murder is still okay... 0 0

@zochats Depends on the size of the group. 0 0

@ScottAdamsSays Moving goal posts. Client or project manager changing the project specs daily or even more often. 0 0

RT @RealSaavedra: This tweet is the perfect representation of why Americans hate the media https://t.co/CkjF9M4hFp 0 2824

@MattWalshBlog He's white! Like Duh? 0 0

When Google abandoned 'Do no Evil' they weren't kidding. https://t.co/IQNZrpRD70 via @gizmodo 0 0

@TopRopeTravis we won again 0 0

@tomselliott You don't have any trouble taking credit, do you? 0 0

I find it humorous that crypto-currency fans like to call paper money fiat, but that is what they're all backed by,… https://t.co/ld3Ai4T3k4 1 0

@carolmswain @realDonaldTrump Yep, probably a Democrat on the kitchen staff trying to poison him. 0 0