@AuthorKimberley You are a racist in denial. 0 0

@davidmichaels @jpodhoretz Oh, so only rich people qualify for SCOTUS? 0 0

@jpodhoretz Do you really think this is a story? The headline should be "Brett Kavanaugh is Squeaky Clean" 0 0

RT @LevineJonathan: Someone decided to use a drone with a flamethrower to clear debris from power lines and now my life is complete https:/… 0 37172

@JeremyDBoreing I believe the omission was intentional 0 0

I will avoid ordering from companies that use @FedEx #Smartpost. It's the slowest way to get a package at double the @USPS rate. 1 0

I eat at Chick-Fil-A and I am making it a point to eat there more often. 0 0

@MerseyPolice Fuck off 0 0

@Jenny_Trout Funny, that's the same way I feel about you. 0 0

@ddettro @AaronBlake Liar. 0 0